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No Time To Read A Book Then Listen Up

No I am not giving you a piece of my mind, do not worry! I really mean "Listen up", that is, to increase the number of times you listen to books. How you may ask? Let's take a look at the "why" of listening to books before I tell you how to do it. Many adults have a major problem and that is time.

Most of us are busy with work, business, family, kids and more. If we have a choice we would want to sit down, relax and read a good book but we simply do not have our own personal time set aside to do it due to our various obligations and commitments. However, it should not be use as an excuse to stop enriching our knowledge through books nor forgo deserving breaks from our daily routines. One secret why successful people are busy and yet can accomplish so much is the way they manage their time.

Successful, busy people are constantly looking for ways to make the most use of their "dead time" -- such as the time they spend commuting, working out in the gym, doing house chores, running errands, jogging, gardening etc If you have been struggling to find time to enrich your knowledge from business management gurus, biographies of notable people and other best selling non fiction titles, you can give audio books a try. All you need is an mp3 player. You will be amazed at how entertaining and fulfilling they really can be when you can make use of your commuting time to enrich your knowledge at work or in school.

With the growing trends in mp3 and digital technologies where most household have fast internet access, you can easily find someone walking along the street with a headset on their ears. If you are an avid reader, you will quickly realize the power of acquiring knowledge via audio books! Any regular Joe who reads about 10 printed books a year will most likely be able to listen to many more audio books in the same period! Many successful business people are self-motivated individuals who strive to improve and create better opportunities for themselves. It is not unusual for them to be early adopters of audio books. In the past, audio books were available in the form of audio tapes. With technological advancements, audio books are made available as audio CDs, downloadable files from the Internet and even podcasts. Some individuals even study a foreign language from audio books.

It is less stressful and less tedious as compared to enrolling in a course with boring textbooks because you can get into the "lecture room" anytime you want at your convenience and do away with all the commuting to and fro a physical language school. You can be a knowledge learner like them. A good way for you to get started listening to audio books is to visit Merlion Audio which offers you one of the largest selections of downloadable audiobooks and spoken word material anywhere on the Internet - and it's growing daily! You can find everything from the latest best-selling audio books from major publishers such as the BBC, Brilliance, Harper-Collins, Simon & Schuster and Time Warner through to innovative audio theatre productions from around the world. Titles by any best selling authors and top business gurus like Jack Welch, Peter Drucker, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki and Robert G. Allen are good audio books you can start with.

Audio books will provide a new way of learning for busy individuals and professionals who want to enrich their knowledge in a multi-tasking environment. This is an increasingly popular mode of knowledge acquisition. Are you ahead of the pack?.

To check out how you can listen to some of the #1 best seller books, visit www.merlionaudio.com If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, we offer attractive commissions, you can visit www.merlionaudio.com

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