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Faxing A Technology That Continues to Evolve

The fax machine has been a regular piece of office equipment. The earliest form or model was invented by Alexander Bain and has since undergone several innovations. The fax machine has become an indispensable tool for business and personal communication. A fax machine works by transmitting the contents of pieces paper, but because of modern-day technology the chances are high that anything printed on paper actually started as an electronic document and not typed in from a typewriter, much less handwritten.

This piece of contraption has held its ground despite the amazing technological advances of the 21st century. The fax machine simply refuses to die in an era that is controlled by e-mail, texting, and even photo-messaging. However, like all things, the fax machine must also evolve to meet the growing needs of the present-day workplace. The Internet has made faxing more economical and available for everyone.

Internet faxing is a generic term that refers to sending fax messages online. It is a method of using e-mails and an exclusive Internet faxing site or account. Because e-mails are sent online, Internet faxes are sent faster and with more efficiency compared to what can be done using conventional fax machines.

Internet faxing is economical because the use of a fax machine is not necessary. It frees consumers from the need to buy expensive additional paper, ink, and toners that are necessary in running fax machines. In addition, Internet faxing does not require additional accessories, any additional configuration or another phone line. To make it work, there is no nee to buy another device if one already has a computer with Internet connection and an e-mail account.

Like other forms of technology, Internet faxing has its drawbacks. Some forms of business and legal transactions may require signed documents. Because of this factor, certain individuals may opt to invest on a fax machine which enables individuals to sign, scan, and fax documents. Online faxes are usually converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) and Tagged Image File Format to be sent online. It may not be easy to edit and fax these formats on an ordinary computer. Business transactions that require several back and forth editing might want to consider simply sending the document via e-mail.

Despite the drawbacks of Internet faxing, it is still preferred by many over traditional faxing because it is economical and faster. Partly, Internet faxing is more appealing because it is cheaper than its traditional counter part. Internet faxing does not require another phone line or the other materials that are used to run a conventional fax machine. Many online companies offer services for Internet faxing, some of them are free while others charge their clients at low prices.

Most Internet fax servers do not require any hardware or software to be installed on a computer. While some include the conversion of a received fax into emails. Incoming faxes from special numbers are scanned and are sent directly to a specific e-mail address. Internet faxing has enabled multiple faxes to be sent and received at the same time, how fast they will reach their destination depends upon the service provider.

Finding a free Internet fax service provider is easy task because there are several companies that are out in the market. Before subscribing to any Internet fax service provider, it is important to know and study the services they offer. Some may only allow receiving, while others provide a limit for sending and receiving fax messages. Finding the exact Internet fax service provider will help you save time and money.

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