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Building an Effective Website

There is no question that these days you cannot successfully run an Internet business, or in most cases any type of business, without an effective website. Most people, unless they are very knowledgeable about the intricacies of building websites, employ the services of professional website builder software, such as the highly rated XSitePro. The cost is definitely worth it when you are looking to have a website that portrays your business in the most effective way, and want it to be eye-catching and customer-friendly. The business owner needs the type of software that can help him or her build a website that will reflect exactly what he or she wants to portray, and what his or her customer need.

There are basic steps involved in building an effective website, and good quality website builder software will help the business owner through each step so that the process can go smoothly. 1.General concept.

At the very beginning of the website building process, the business owner should map out a plan, making an outline of what the general concept of the website should be. Before ever starting on the website, business owner should make specific notes about the website concept. Business owners should realize that the professional site builder software contains templates and ideas for building an effective website, and the software itself can probably contribute ideas that will enhance the website experience for everyone. However, the business owner is the one who knows what he or she wants to portray with the website, and how the website should work to enhance the business as a whole.

Within this framework, the concept of the website will be determined, and the business owner, using the website builder software, can start the actual work. 2.Design. Things can get trickier when deciding on the actual website design.

An effective website needs to reflect the business in its design, sometimes in a subtle way, and sometimes in a much more flashy way. A lot of this will depend on the type of business. If the business is selling children toys, the design of the website should probably be light and fun, with bright colors, whimsical graphics, and a fun text font, such as Comic Sans. A bookkeeping business website, on the other hand, should be portrayed in a more mature manner, with colors such as hunter green, gold, black and burnt orange, and a more serious font, such as Times New Roman or Arial.

Though animation would work well on the children toy site, the bookkeeping business website would be better to have more serious graphics, such as office photographs or clip art that depicts a serious working environment. Everything from the title to the contact information must be considered in designing an effective website. The business owner can work with different possible design ideas, and then build a prototype before the website is published.

This way, the business owner can decide on every aspect of the website design, and make necessary changes before actually launching the site. 3.Type of media used. Websites these days do not have to be just pictures and graphics. Different types of media can be used to make it a more effective site, such as video and sound.

The business owner may wish to have an introduction on the first page of the business website; one that includes a video presentation. This can be very effective when trying to portray what a business does, and how it works with customers. 4.

Search engine optimization. Good website builder software will help with search engine optimization, so that the business website can and will be seen by the right demographic. The best and most elaborate business website cannot be effective if it is never seen, and this makes search engine optimization one of the most important aspects of the website building process. Though the words that are contained within the website are up to the business owner, the website builder software can help by automatically examining the text content of the website to determine if specific optimization keywords are placed correctly, and in a number that will help give the website a good rating in the search engines. 5.

Important details. An effective website has to include certain details in addition to design, graphics, and text. These details can often be overlooked when building a website without any help. These include such things as pop-ups, effectively linking, mail server details, contact information, and business marketing add-ons such as merchant accounts for accepting credit card payments on a website. Good website builder software includes these things so that no detail will be forgotten.

XSitePro takes the business owner through every possible website detail, so that certain website details can be chosen and others rejected. The key is knowing what the choices are so that the website will be as effective as possible. 6.Changeability. Most business owners know that they cannot build a website and then never have to change it. The very nature of business means that a business website will need to be changed on a regular basis.

With good site builder software, changing the website to meet the changing needs of a business can be done smoothly, without having to start from scratch. Customer bases change, new products are added and old products become obsolete, new announcements need to be featured on a regular basis. Building a website is never a one-time deal, it is an ongoing process, and effective site building software will be conducive to this.

Mike Lane is involved in several online ventures and is the author of Website Builder

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